Brooke Bellon, 2018 Fiji Volunteer

"Words can't even begin to describe this experience. I've been so excited about this and I knew it was going to be amazing but it blew away my expectations. The relationships built with the people of Fiji are one I will never forget. We went to teach them, but they taught me so much more. Also, the relationships built within the team members were amazing. You really do gain a second family here. This was just what I needed in my life right now and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity!" 


Camron Wilson, 2019 Fiji Volunteer


"SAY International has given me a life changing experience to remember forever. They offer a perfect mixture of amazing exploration of the countries visited and impactful service to the communities. SAY doesn’t just provide buildings or physical help, but rather aims to educate the people to build and prosper for themselves, furthering the progress of becoming a developed country. Seriously I’ve loved the experience and would recommend anyone to go on the amazing opportunity to serve in a meaningful way and go on an awesome foreign adventure!"


Ashley Hess, 2019 Peru Volunteer

"SAY International is such an incredible organization that is setting out to truly make a difference in the world. My experience with SAY in Peru changed my life. It was two of the hardest but best weeks of my life and I am so grateful for the experiences I had and the things I learned. I highly recommend going on a service trip with SAY - it will change you in the best ways."


Samantha Hyde, 2019 Africa Volunteer

Anyone looking to go on a humanitarian trip this summer, I would definitely recommend SAY International! I traveled with them for 3 weeks to Tanzania and Kenya and it was one the most incredible experiences I have ever had. SAY International teaches a program called Inside Out Learning that helps students and teachers become creative problem solvers and bring themselves out of poverty through knowledge. It was a privilege to rub shoulders with such inspiring people. I will definitely be going back!


Kaitlin Taylor, 2018 Fiji Volunteer

"This was probably the best trip I've ever been on. I've always wanted to go on a humanitarian trip and I'm so grateful I got to go on this one. I loved how we were teaching them to be able to do things on their own instead of just doing everything for them. I also loved how we got to actually be apart of the village and see how they live. I think SAY International is such a great organization. Thank you so much for everything, I don't want to go home!"


Abbi Robinson, 2019 Peru Volunteer

"I spent two weeks in Peru with SAY, and it changed my life! Serving others really does make a difference. If you are looking to go on a humanitarian trip, this is a great organization. The things we did and the people I met, I will never forget.


Morgan Hall, 2018 Fiji Volunteer

"I loved my time in Fiji! It was better than I could've hoped for in a lot of ways. One thing that I feel made this trip unique was how close we got to the villagers. They will always be my family. Because of that love, it made serving them so much fun! I also loved the chemistry of our team. It had a lot to do with our leaders. They really set a great example of what humanitarian work is all about. The memories and feelings of this trip are definitely some that I will keep with me forever. Thank you so much SAY International!"


Sophie Holdaway, 2019 Fiji Volunteer

"SAY international changed my life! I went to Fiji over the summer and holy moly I want to go back so bad. Being with the children, getting to know them and serve them, and watching them share their life and experiences with us is nothing you can put a price on. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity!"