Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Trip cost:

$3,900 +6.75% Tax (including airfare)

Dates Available:


Take a journey to the beautiful land of Moshi, Tanzania! With the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro as your background, you'll find yourself falling in love with both the people and the animals. This country is truly magical!


Martha's School! (Project #1)

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them!" 

For our first project, we will be working at Martha's Special Need's School. Martha is an older woman who has dedicated her life to helping children with special needs. Martha's brother had cerebral palsy and died at a very young age. The passing of her brother inspired her to start her own school. In Tanzania, children with special needs are often abandoned at a young age. Due to superstitious belief, their disabilities are seen as a curse from God. We will be assisting Martha in helping these children feel safe and loved. We will be spending the majority of our time at her school making up dances, playing music, and teaching art classes to eight beautiful children under the age of fifteen. 

Oria School! (Project #2)

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn." 

Last June, the teachers of the Oria school were trained in a program similar to ours called, "Inside Out Learning." This program instructs teachers to find ways to teach to multiple learning styles. Our team will get the chance to visit this school and work in the classroom with both the teachers and students. We will be teaching activities from the SAY workbooks that our volunteers will receive prior to their trip. Each activity will help both our volunteers and students learn how past negative experiences impact the brain. Through meditation, exercise, art, music, journal writing, and other activities found in the workbook, healing will begin to occur while prepping the brain to begin the process of creative/critical thinking and ultimately developing the skills needed to solve their own poverty. 

Nema Village Orphanage

"Giving women the opportunity to become self-sufficient through entrepreneurial opportunities!"

Neema, meaning "Grace" in Swahili, is an orphanage that rescues abandoned babies under the age of two. The orphanage currently houses close to 200 orphans. They work vigorously to find these babies homes. What makes this orphanage unique is they discourage adoption from outside of the country. They believe that the problem with orphanages isn't the number of orphans but the fact that so many mothers don't believe they can support and care for their own children. They work with mothers from all over the country to find creative ways to earn a living in order to support their children. They also look for extended family to take in the child if the mother is unable to do so. The future of Tanzania needs their babies, and you will get the chance to learn, love, and play with them as we spend the day at this orphanage. This opportunity provides an incredible example of what "sustainable service" really is!

Sightseeing: 2-day Safari

"If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa!" 

On this two day all-inclusive safari, you will have a chance to ride in a jeep while cruising along the outskirts of the Serengeti. You will have a chance to see lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras, monkeys, rhinos, and more up close and in their natural habitat! After an entire day of exploring, we will spend the night at a resort where our team gets to stay in private huts. The next day, we get to do it all over again in a different location with even more animals!