Inside Out Learning is a non-profit organization that we partner with for all our service projects. It was founded 17 years ago with the help of Gabi Israelsen's mother. SAY International was created to help fund IOL, who's mission is to solve poverty of the mind. Instead of just giving money to those we serve, we teach them creative and critical thinking skills so they can solve their problems themselves and become self-reliant. Below are the main points of the Inside Out Learning methodology. Each of our volunteers will be trained to teach this program. This will not only benefit the children they teach around the world, but it will also help them discover their uniqueness and how they can become entrepreneurs and innovators themselves!

Creative/Critical Thinking

Creative thinking is a skill that can be learned. The learning environment, the use of many learning preferences, inquiry-based learning, and planning with a purpose are all ways to trigger creative thoughts and actions.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Traditional education tends to discourage the natural process of inquiry. People tend to ask fewer questions the older they get. Inquiry-based learning is more than just asking questions. It's the ability to take useful data and information and turn it into knowledge.  



Howard Gardner isolated eight different ways in which people learn.  We expose teachers to the unique and invigorating ways their students and themselves learn and how utilizing those different ways ignites potential.


We all live on this earth. Therefore, we all need to come together to solve the earth's problem of poverty. "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, and working together is a success."

- Henry Ford

We each come into this world with natural strengths and interests. Every one of us is unique. If we allow ourselves to fully experience our strengths and what we love without judgment or comparison, we then naturally express brilliance and genius that is one-of-a-kind.