How we solve poverty!

       Leading scientists and psychologists have determined that poverty is not a circumstance, but more accurately it is a state of mind. No other species on earth lives in poverty. It is something man-made. It is the state of living in constant fear. Most individuals living in poverty lack the knowledge to know how to heal from past negative experiences. They don’t realize that their past negative experiences are preventing them from thinking creatively, critically, or being able to solve their own problems. This helpless state of mind results in a dependency on others to solve problems for them. Over time this dependency creates a false belief system such as, “I was born poor, and because of this I will always be poor. I need help from someone who was born into wealth. Because of my circumstances, I don’t have what it takes to solve my own problems. I need someone to come to solve them for me.”


       Over time this type of thinking creates the poverty mindset. In order to help individuals solve their own poverty, we need to teach them how to heal from their past negative experiences in order for them to access the part of their brain that is able to think creatively/critically. So, how do we help them heal from past negative experiences such as rape, violence, lack of food/water, natural disaster, lack of shelter, or abandonment? We start by teaching them 6 strategies that help them overcome trauma to promote creative and critical thinking! 

       We also teach our volunteers and those we serve how to discover their life purpose! All of us have special gifts and abilities to help make the world a better place. As you discover your strengths you will learn how to create a definite plan in reaching your full potential and nourishing the happiness of others while doing so. 


The 6 Strategies

By recognizing unhealthy thought patterns, accepting your truths, surrendering to what you can't control, practicing stillness, choosing to believe in a higher power, and understanding the power of music in your life, you too can heal from your past and create a brighter future for yourself and others! 

Learning about the 2 Part Brain Model!

The 2 Part Brain Model teaches you how to use your brain to its fullest potential! Without understanding how your brain works you can fall into unhealthy habits that create unhappy circumstances. Learn to take control of your life, by taking control of your thoughts!



Howard Gardner isolated nine different ways in which people learn. Once you identify how you learn, you will never be the same! Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in multiple ways. It's important to make sure all learners are engaged!

Discovering your personal legend!

Your Personal Legend is whatever dream or desire you have that nourishes other people's happiness. It's what gives your life purpose! The more we discover who we really are, the closer we are to fulfilling our measure of creation!

We each come into this world with natural strengths and interests. Every one of us is unique. If we allow ourselves to fully experience our strengths and what we love without judgment or comparison, we then naturally express brilliance and genius that is one-of-a-kind. 

Finding your strengths