Location: Lautoka Fiji

Trip cost:

$3,300 +6.75% Tax

(including airfare)

Dates Available:


Travel to the breathtaking, white sandy beaches of Fiji, surrounded by turquoise water with colorful fish below the surface. Fiji is filled with the kindest people on earth. In Fiji, you'll be considered family as you serve alongside them in their villages. They'll show you how to cook food in the ground, make clothes out of coconut husk, teach you to play rugby, and best of all, watch them dance with fire! Become a local by learning new Fijian words like "Bula" (hello), and "Vinaka vakalevu" (thank you very much). Fiji is made up of 333 islands and islets, and filled with exotic rain forests, coral gardens, and beautiful waterfalls!

Project: Cuvu District School

"Let's change the world one mind at a time!"

This project consists of teaching SAY International's Curriculum to the Cuvu District School in Lautoka, Fiji. This curriculum focuses on reversing trauma in order to promote creative and critical thinking. Our volunteers will spend their days teaching activities from their SAY workbooks that they will receive prior to their trip. Each activity will help both our volunteers and students learn how past negative experiences impact the brain. Through meditation, exercise, art, music, journal writing, and other activities found in the workbook, healing will begin to occur while prepping the brain to begin the process of creative/critical thinking. 


Workdays in Fiji will start around 9 am and go until 3 pm. They will be working with grades 4th - 7th. Each morning you will be assigned a classroom with other volunteers to teach your assigned activity to the class. The afternoons will be spent playing games, dancing, and doing Zumba with the kids! 

Sightseeing: The Garden of the Sleeping Giant & Island Day Cruise

One of Fiji's most magical forests! 

Have you ever taken a mud bath in a tropical rainforest? The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is Fiji's most magical rainforest. Come relax in therapeutic mud spas surrounded by coral gardens. It's one of the most beautiful places on earth!


Spend an entire day on a private island! You'll have the chance to snorkel, paddle board, kayak, go on a submarine ride, and conquer Fiji's famous shark dive (if you're certified)!