Frequently Asked Questions

Who can go on a SAY trip?

Youth ages 15-19 who commit to follow SAY International guidelines similar to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' standards. Each volunteer will be required to sign a Volunteer Agreement along with meeting our mental and physical health requirements. We also allow anyone over the age of 19 to be a parent/adult volunteer leader for the same price.

Who are the trip leaders?

Each trip will have two trip leaders, both a male and female leader over the age of 21. All of our trip leaders are current SAY employees who are responsible, experienced, and mentally/physically prepared to lead our volunteers. They have all passed a background check and have travelled extensively. Our leaders are trained in our program Inside Out Learning. This methodology will not only benefit the people our volunteers will be serving, but our trip leaders will be instructed to help our volunteers identify their strengths, learning styles, and solve problems through creative and critical thinking techniques.

How big are the groups?

Each group will have 2 trip leaders, 2 parent leaders, 1 videographer/photographer, and 16 youth participants. We also assign a supervisor to be in country at all times while our youth are abroad just to ensure extra safety.

Are the trips safe?

We've built relationships in every single country we work in long before we started SAY International. Gabi Israelsen and her family have personally worked in Africa for over ten years now. Gabi lived in Fiji four years ago while volunteering for another organization and has since returned five more times. Every school we work in has been selected according to SAY International's safety requirements. We only use the safest and most reliable forms of transportation in country. We only eat at locations wehre the food has been properly prepared. Our volunteers lodging is carefully selected by the SAY team. Each location is clean, safe, and rooms are assigned to ensure that our male and female volunteers sleep separately. Each volunteer is required to abide by LDS standards, as well as abiding by each countries' curfew, culture, and safety rules. The volunteers will be together at all times, even when working on projects and going on weekend excursions. Each volunteer will be allowed their cell phone, as well as the ability to comminucate with their family at any given moment in time. We are continually monitoring the information given by the U.S Department of State to ensure that we are up to date on each of our countries' level of saftey.

Are immunizations required to travel?

Yes. Once you register and secure your spot, you will recieve a SAY checklist with the appropriate immunizations list according to your country, along with a packing list, flight information, and important SAY documents.

How do I pay for my trip?

Upon applying, there is a $30 nonrefunable fee that goes toward your final cost. Once accepted into the program, you will have two weeks to pay a $500 deposit. A $1000 payment is due on February 1, 2020. On April 1st, your total trip cost is due. Payments can be made online through our website using you credit/debit card, Paypal, or Venmo.

Should I exchange money before leaving?

You will exchange money once you arrive in country. You will not need to do it before hand.

What paperwork do I need to fill out in order to go on a SAY trip?

Every volunteer accepted into the program will recieve a SAY checklist that consists of required documents, payment plan options, flight information, a packing list, and volunteer document due dates.

What if I have allergies or other health restrictions?

This kind of information is crucial for our team to know in the initial registration form. Once we recieve your child's allergy/health restrictions, we can contact our in-country employees as well as our leaders to let them know of the situation. We encourage those with allergies to bring their own personal snacks, in case we eat at a restaurant that can't accomodate their needs. We also reccomend bringing appropriate medication to ensure the health and safety of your child.

Who can be a parent/adult leader?

Any parent who has a child participating in a SAY International trip is welcome to fill the position of a parent leader. They will particpate in the same activities as the volunteers. The cost for a parent leader is the same as a youth volunteer. Anyone over the age of 19 can be considered for the position of an adult volunteer leader for the same price. You will be sent specific documents explaining your role as leader for our youth volunteers, an assistance with our trip leaders.

What is included in the final cost?

The final cost includes travel & transportation in country, food, stay, weekend activities, travel insurance, and service project supplies. Not included is your passport cost, visa cost (for Africa), extra snacks, personal souvenirs, and extra baggage fees.